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I offer private hypnotherapy sessions (specifically soul journeys, past life regression, life-between lives regression, weight loss, insomnia and anxiety)  on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada (in Duncan and Victoria).  Sessions per video or phone are also available: Skype, FaceTime, google hangouts are some platforms we can use – we’ll make it work for you!




You can book private hypnotherapy sessions with Natascha J. Leimbigler (me), sole proprietor of, at two locations on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Please contact me directly for further information about your free consultation, fees, programs to fit your needs, and availability. I also offer sessions via Skype, FaceTime or google hangouts.



You can reach me at 250-466-4260 or to set up a free consultation, which is prior to conducting hypnotherapy sessions (including weight loss and soul journeys). We will discuss if hypnotherapy is the right approach for you,   and determine an appropriate therapy program for you (see below). In most cases a 3-session program is good to start with. It is important to commit fully to your program to achieve long-lasting results. In some cases, one session is all you need to achieve your goal.



I offer hypnotherapy sessions and programs  depending on your needs and the issues you are facing. Please check out the resources on this website to see the details about the sessions that I offer.

My comprehensive programs and sessions guarantee long-lasting success and utilize crucial techniques such as future pacing, time-line therapy, regress to cause, inner-child work, deep release & forgiveness work, anchors and tools, self-hypnosis skills, breaking associations, guided imagery, compounding and pyramiding positive suggestions.

Soul Key Therapy (Life between lives and past life regression) is a very specialized regression therapy experience based on the teachings of Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls” Please click here  for more details.



Hours of Operation

Hypnotherapy appointments are available Thursday, Friday and Saturday at my Duncan office location,  situated on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Private sessions are by appointment only. Online sessions have more flexible hours and days. You can choose the available time and date when booking through my online scheduler.

My Office Location

My main office  location is in Duncan, BC, at Harmony Yoga & Wellness Center, 103-360 Duncan St, V9L 3W4. This is  in a busy, central areas with shops, cafés, restaurants and plenty of parking nearby. It is best to reach me at my cell phone business number 1 -250-466-4260 (Canada). I also have an office in downtown Victoria, B.C. on Cook Street (near Johnson Street).


Free Parking

For your convenience, free visitor parking is available at both locations.

Payment Methods

Cash, credit cards, debit cards and personal cheques are accepted at my offices. Please be advised that there will be a $50 fee for any returned cheques. If you book through my online calendar, credit cards and PayPal are accepted, as well as the option to paypalme.


Any cancellation needs to be made a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment time. Following this policy, there will be no extra charge and the session will simply be moved to another time at your convenience.

For any cancellation where I am notified less than 24 hours before your appointment time, or for no-shows, you will be charged the full amount of your session.

Referral from Your Physician for clinical hypnotherapy

Some situations may require a signed referral from your medical doctor or other health professional before you receive my hypnotherapy services. This can be discussed when you contact me to book your first appointment. I will provide you with the necessary paperwork. It simply consists of a letter to present to your physician, informing him/her of your desire to be my client, and informing me of any particular issues of concern.

Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance does not normally cover hypnotherapy in the province of British Columbia but you may check with your private insurer.


All information shared is kept confidential. No information will be released about you without your written consent, except as required by law.


All my services are for educational and self-improvement purposes only. Hypnotherapy is not the practice of medicine or psychotherapy and is, therefore, not offered as a replacement for counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical treatment. When dealing with physical and/or mental illness or disease, always consult a qualified physician or therapist. Statements and products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Hypnosis recordings are not recommended for people suffering from mental disorders.


Please give me a call at 250-466-4260 or send me an email at if you would like to discuss any issues or your specific needs.


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