Soul Journeys

Overview of Soul Key Therapy

Soul Key Therapy is one of the most advanced methods of accessing your soul memories. It was developed by Martin Peterson, student of Dr. Michael Newton who is a world-renowned Psychotherapist and author. Dr. Newton wrote the revolutionary book “Journey of Souls” after regressing more than 10 000 clients into their past lives and life-between-lives experiences.

Soul Key Therapy by Martin Peterson, student of Dr. Michael Newton

I trained directly with Martin Peterson to become a certified Soul Key practitioner in 2015. Since then I have been honoured to guide many clients safely and successfully through their soul’s journey in time. The life-changing and healing power of this experience is truly awesome to witness!

Different parts of the journey

you’ll feel safe and relaxed…

At the beginning of our session, you’ll be guided gently into the hypnotic state until you feel comfortable and relaxed. After a thorough deepening process, you will be in a deep theta state and our journey can begin! We always talk and communicate with each other, and you’ll know exactly what’s happening. You will see, hear, feel with your “inner senses” or just know the unfolding events in your hypnotic experience

With guided imagery and a special energetic process, you’ll rise up out of your body as the soul that you are. You will practice moving around to get used to this state. Then you’ll leave the earth plane and travel away from this time and space through a light tunnel through different stations in your journey.

The first one is the Fireplace Hall, an in-between-station from which all other places can be accessed. Next, you will be regressed back into a relevant Past Life. You will receive life and soul guidance to help you heal and resolve current life issues and past-life influences. The ultimate part of the journey is visiting your “true soul home” in your Life-Between-Lives Regression. This experience is for those who seek deeper spiritual insights about their purpose and mission as a soul. Below you can see the details of these stations.

You’ll travel as the soul that you are

1. The Fireplace Hall

  • Have your first experience travelling as a soul independently from your body
  • Meet your long-time guides and helpers or deceased loved ones
  • Gain insight into your current, past or future lives through your “book of souls”
  • Experience deep healing on a soul level
  • See your soul energy and aura

2. Past-Life Regression

  • Be safely guided to experience a relevant past life
  • Release trauma & untangle karmic limitations
  • Heal on a physical and mental level
  • Understand your lessons and purpose in this current life
  • Recall forgotten skills and knowledge
  • Clarify soul agreements and relationships

3. Life-Between-Lives

  • Take the mind-expanding journey to visit your true soul home: where it actually lives
  • Meet the personal gatekeeper to your soul home to let you in
  • Reconnect with your soul consciousness
  • Understand your life’s purpose and why you chose it
  • Open spiritual communication and skills
  • Meet your soul group (or family)
  • Find important information about yourself in the library and life-choosing room
  • Step before the council and ask questions

Frame of Mind series. Background design of human face wire-frame and fractal elements on the subject of mind reason thought mental powers and mystic consciousness

The memory of  every moment  since the beginning of our EXISTENCE is stored deep within our subconscious mind…

How It Works

Your subconscious mind remembers every experience since the beginning of your EXISTENCE. We navigate through our daily lives with our CONSCIOUS mind, which is limited in its scope of memory and experience.

Through a properly conducted Soul Key Therapy session, we first access the subconscious mind through extended deepening techniques to reach deep trance or the theta state of brain wave activity. From there we go a step further and gently move into the superconscious mind state. The birth amnesia is lifted and we can “re-live” any past experience your “eternal self” or soul has gone through. This includes any time period in your present life back to conception, and past lives or experiences beyond.

Professional Guidance

Past-Life and Life-Between-Lives Regression can be a very intense and life-changing experience, because you are vividly re-living the journey of your soul!

It is so important to have professional guidance through this amazing experience. I can ensure a safe, compassionately conducted journey using techniques to deal with anything that may come up. You will gain insights into your present; heal relationships, fears, and ailments, and release past contracts, bonds or blocks, and much more!
Prerequisites to Undertaking a Soul Key Journey

I prefer that you have worked with me in at least one session prior to undertaking this journey. It’s important for me to gauge how easy it is for you to relax completely and be able to visualize, sense, hear and feel your inner journey. A small percentage of people cannot easily go into the deep theta state, which is necessary to successfully go on the Soul Key journey. As with everything, there are no guarantees.

If you have experience with hypnosis, meditation, visualizations, yoga, or a similar “mindfulness/going within” practice, a prior session with me may not be necessary.

The Soul Key Therapy Sessions

I recommend that you split up your Soul Key journey into 2 sessions. A single session is very long (around 4 hours) and can be very intense and tiring – this depends on you. Booking 2 separate sessions of about 2 hours each will ensure that you have enough time to explore each station of the journey. It takes time to let the images, experiences and aha-moments come up and be understood well. It’s important to have enough time to communicate with each important person on your journey and not be rushed. In 2 consecutive sessions you will visit

  • The fireplace hall and your past life/several past lives
  • Your life-between-lives and perhaps one past/parallel/future life as well (going through the fireplace hall)

As you gain more experience with journeying in the first session, you will be more prepared to enter the final and most insightful place: your life-between-lives home destination.
After you have done your Soul Key journey, you are also welcome to do follow-up sessions to explore more deeply any aspect of the experience.
If you have had no prior experience with trance journeying, hypnosis or guided meditation, I recommend that you book a shorter spiritual hypnotherapy session with me prior to your soul journey. This will introduce you to the concept of journeying in trance and give you some practice first.

You Go Only as Far as is Perfect and Right for You

Your superconscious mind will only allow you to go as far as is right and perfect for you at this point in your development. It can happen on rare occasions that you cannot access the fireplace hall, your past lives, or your true soul’s home even though you have reached the necessary depth of trance – there is absolutely no guarantee.

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