Client Reviews for private hypnotherapy sessions:

A sudden Near Death Experience in 1986 left me with questions that nobody could answer UNTIL I found Natascha Leimbigler whom I met at a Health Wellness & Spirit Fair in Westshore BC June 2106.

I felt an immediate pull to her booth & told her my Life Between Life memory from my Near Death Experience. She was the ONLY person at the Fair who could answer the questions I’d been searching for answers to.

She facilitated one of the most amazing life changing spiritual experiences I’ve ever had, that helped me connect to a life between life place, where I found a book about my life in a hall of records between dimensions during a spiritual journey Natascha called a Soul Key Reading. It was relaxing, expansive & validated my spiritual perceptions about life.

If you want answers to your spiritual journey, your own Life Between Life, or a Past Life Reading I definitely recommend Natascha. She is extraordinarily gentle, loving, kind, thorough & professional.

This initial Reading has given me tremendous insight & confirmation about my Life Between Life memories & deeper realms that are not taught in regular schools. What a great relief to find Natascha after 30 years of searching for someone who could answer my questions.

I will definitely want other spiritual Readings with Natascha again!

Terry Andersen

I had my first hypnotherpay experience with Natascha and I would recommend her to anyone! She is lovely and comforting and her experience and passion shine through her work. She kept me in a deep meditative state much longer than I ever could have myself. Past life regression has given me a higher viewpoint on my life as a soul. This soul view allows me to focus on the end result of my life goals. I’m not sweating over the details anymore because I now KNOW and FEEL on a deep level that these goals will be reached in this lifetime. AMAZING! If you’ve been thinking about hypnotherapy, see Natascha!!

-Brenna Reiki Master


Deborah Carruthers reviewed Natascha Julia – Hypnosis & Guided Meditation4 star

I very much enjoyed my sessions with Natasha. I was able to very deeply relax and work on some issues that came into my awareness. Her voice is very soothing and i found myself drifting into a meditative state. The session seemed to pass by in minutes, whereas it was 3 hours!
I highly recommend Natasha.


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