About hypnosis

Using guided trance states for different objectives

Working with the subconscious mind directly is achieved in states of trance – the alpha and theta states mainly, in which your brainwaves slow down and the conscious critical mind steps aside. This is the state of hypnosis, or a meditative state of being.

Many of us use this state for deep relaxation or quieting the mind in meditation. Once we have achieved this deep hypnotic state, we can do so many different kinds of therapy, healing work and journeying. It is a very rapid and effective way to do deep change work, not only mentally and spiritually, but also physically.

Spiritual hypnotherapy

The subconscious mind is a bridge to your deep wisdom, and to your soul consciousness. With specific hypnotic techniques, you can access your soul or higher self consciousness, and journey beyond the confines of this present time and space. You can find out more about this  here.

Clinical hypnotherapy

In clinical hypnotherapy, we use hypnosis as a tool to improve physical, mental or emotional conditions. It’s so important to have the right mind-set to get the results that you want.

Detrimental habits, negative self-talk, ingrained beliefs that you can’t or don’t deserve to get well are some examples of negative programming in your subconscious mind that STOP you from making progress.

Be gentle with yourself

We often give ourselves such a hard time! IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, so stop beating yourself up for having blocks or not being able to make a change.

Negative messages get hammered into your brain…ugh!

All of us have been bombarded with questionable, detrimental and downright devastating messages throughout our whole life. How many times have parents, relatives, teachers, bullies, bosses, doctors, and the media conveyed to you that you’re not enough?

Directly or indirectly, they’ve hammered into your brain that, “You’re not good enough, not smart enough, not wanted enough, not tough enough, not successful enough, not slim enough, not beautiful enough, not main-stream enough, not being like I WANT YOU to be right now, and not behaving like I WANT YOU to behave right now enough…”

Over time, these messages get anchored into your brain and you start to believe it too, whether you want to or not. You start to act as if this were true. This causes the blocks that stop you from moving forward.

What about negative imprints from Past Lives?

If you have fears, phobias, ailments or negative cycles of behaviour that don’t seem to have an origin, you may have an imprint from a past life. This can be searched out and eliminated in a past life regression session.

Re-program your mind

In deep hypnotic states – the alpha and theta states – we can take a deeper look and find all that negative programming. Then we change it to positive programs – we actually re-program your brain for success! The subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real and what is imagined… so it takes the new, positive messages as reality and acts upon them.

This works not only for mental and emotional themes like fears, phobias, insomnia, confidence or goal-setting – to give a few examples – but also for invoking actual physical changes in your body. We use time-line regression therapy for problems stemming from this lifetime and past-life regression therapy for problems stemming from past lives.


Activate your cell memory of perfect health

You can teach your body to remember its state of perfect health and come back to that state. Vibrant health and balance is programmed into your cell memory, and we can activate this knowledge through hypnosis. Through specific imagery techniques, we are able to control pain and accelerate the healing process in health conditions like bone breakage, heart disease or cancer, to name a few. Hypnotherapy works hand-in-hand very well with any treatment, therapy or medication that you are undertaking and enhances their effectiveness.

Lately a lot of attention has been given to new scientific studies that meditation (self-hypnosis) measurably increases physical gray matter in your brain. Read more about this here.

How to Prepare for a session and What to Expect:

Please come to your session rested, sober and free of any stimulating substances such as excessive amounts of coffee, tea or energy drinks, as this could affect your ability to go to the required depth of hypnosis to do the necessary work. An accelerated heart rate due to stimulating substances can hinder your relaxation capacity and make the session ineffective.

Hypnotherapy sessions are very safe, gentle and relaxing. You will be able to relax in a reclining chair or on a massage table while I guide you into the hypnotic state. You are always in control. My therapy is client-oriented, so we proceed according to your goals, your preferences and your comfort zone. We maintain a two-way dialogue during hypnosis, so you can always decide what you want to do or step back from. You can expect emotional release and transformation, so it is advised to take some time after each session to relax and digest and let the information settle in.

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