Hypnosis and Anxiety

Have you been struggling with anxiety and stress? Are you experiencing panic attacks? Do you feel overwhelmed or depressed quite often? Do you have feelings of despair or negative thought cycles that you just can’t get out of? Maybe you have tried different ways to overcome these issues with little or no success…

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In this article you will find out how hypnosis can help you! We will discuss the following subjects:

  • Hypnosis and anxiety – and how both have their roots in the subconscious mind.
  • Why hypnosis is so effective in treating anxiety and stress.
  • How stress is really a “triggered habit” that can be released and replaced with relaxation.

Anxiety is created within your mind as you experience difficult and traumatic situations in life, sometimes going back many years. Most of the time, you don’t even remember the triggering events. Sometimes, multiple events happening over many years have contributed to your distress.

So now feeling stress and anxiety has become a habit!

This can escalate to an extent that the anxiety becomes automatic and permanent – it becomes part of your life. It’s almost like a dark cloud covering up the positive, bright parts of your personality.

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Therapeutic hypnosis can help!

It is important to clear and heal those past traumatic events that established your anxiety “habit”! In hypnosis we use techniques such as regression therapy or parts therapy to heal past traumas. As the root cause of your anxiety and consequent events are addressed, the anxiety has no ground anymore and begins to dissipate. We then work on the triggers and associations that cause stress IN THE PRESENT and replace them with anchors that trigger calm and peace.

Hypnosis has a high success rate in treating stress-related conditions, as we are dealing with issues that are created by the mind itself. Both hypnosis and anxiety – the treatment and the problem – are processes that deal with and originate in the mind.

Use your mind power

Your mind  is extremely powerful and likes to holds on to detrimental patterns formed in times of stress. And your subconscious mind, where these patterns and belief systems reside, dominates the conscious, thinking mind by 93%! That’s one of the reasons it is so hard to change a habit…

That same  mind power is used in the process of hypnosis, and anxiety disorders are thus attacked at the root: in the deep subconscious mind.

meditation-1018837_1280-2The process of going into hypnosis is basically taking your mind to a deeper level, to the subconscious level. Your brainwaves slow down from the beta “waking or conscious” state, oscillating at 13 cycles per second or more, to the alpha or theta state. Here, the brainwaves oscillate more slowly, between 4 and 12 cycles per second. In this state of “trance”, or “deep meditation” your subconsious mind opens up and we are able to access those deeply embedded fears and patterns.

We basically activate your own inner wisdom to eliminate the old “programming” of stress, fear and despair, and create new, positive patterns. Then we make sure the deep mind holds on to the positive ones – we compound, anchor, repeat and reinforce your desired state of mind until it becomes your natural way of being.

No side effects, safe and gentle!

Medication can help to an extent, but may not get to the root cause of your issues. Hypnotherapy is also an excellent therapy to use alongside any other type of therapy and it is very safe and gentle. With NO side effects! This modality can also be used to greatly enhance the effectiveness of medication, herbs or acupuncture.

Depending on the scale of your anxiety, a program between 3-6 sessions is recommended to effectively target and release the causes and symptoms of anxiety, depression, fears or phobias. Click here to find out more about my private sessions.


Try this free “stress release” hypnosis session:person-723555_1280

If you want to get started right now to get some anxiety relief, get comfortable, put on your headphones and listen to your session now – you will love it!

Please be advised that hypnotherapy may not be suitable for patients with a diagnosed mental illness.

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