Harness the Power of your Subconscious Mind!

  • The difference between your thinking mind and your subconscious mind explained –

    Power of the subconscious mind

    What is the power of your subconscious mind capable of?

  •  The true power of your subconscious mind explained….the force that dictates every aspect of your life –
  • Why hypnosis, NLP and other modalities that work directly with your subconscious mind are is so effective –

Your subconscious mind is your true master….whether you like it or not!

Your mind is the most powerful and amazing tool that you will ever have. More powerful than any computer, machine, or system ever created.

Use it well! Nurture it, be kind to it, feed it. Teach it, and make it work for you.

However, be aware that over 93% of your mind’s power lies beyond the cognitive, conscious, thinking mind. It’s hard to wrap your head around what is the power of your subconscious mind – it truly dictates why you do the things you do.

This deep inner mind of yours, set in its ways and resistant to change, is your true master.

Frame of Mind series. Background design of human face wire-frame and fractal elements on the subject of mind reason thought mental powers and mystic consciousnessYour subconscious mind ultimately controls your actions, your habits, your health and your state of mind.

It is the source of your deep-seated belief systems and “programming” – the result of all your experiences, childhood traumas, indoctrination by authority figures, constant whispering from the media… the list goes on and on.

Think about it – all information, especially repeated information, is soaked up by your mind, and becomes part of your brain “data”. Yes, your logical mind filters out most of the “garbage”, but if certain things are repeated over and over …(i.e. your father telling you all your life that you’re not good enough), your defences break down, and that message becomes part of your belief system. Want it or not!

And up until the age of 8, ALL information goes directly into the deep mind and is integrated there, because we have not built up our defensive “critical factor” yet. And this information is believed at a deep level, and carried on into adulthood. This is how personality disorders, inferiority complexes and all those horrible deep lying things that can hold you back are formed!

Scary, is it not? So think twice before you tell a child that it is bad, or naughty, or stupid…..

A green arrow marked Confidence rises above a chasm of failure, while red arrows marked with negative influences such as Negativity, Critics, Doubt and Fear lead straight into the hole of despair

We’ve all got some issues due to our subconscious “programming”

So perhaps you’ve got some lingering issues that don’t want to budge. Fears, anxiety, pain, or a health condition. Or negative, repetitive cycles. Bad relationships. Feeling out of control – like nothing is working. Maybe you’ve tried talk therapy, medication, acupuncture, or going on a holiday. You’ve even tried to “manifest” a better reality – like you learned in “The Secret”.

And it didn’t work! Why?

It’s because you targeted your superficial conscious mind (7% of your mind power), which has no chance to overcome your rock-solid subconscious and superconscious mind (93%).

Deep Mind Therapies like hypnosis, NLP or meditation really work!

meditation, hypnosis and NLP really work!

meditation, hypnosis and NLP really work!

Through things like hypnosis or NLP we can access, work with, and change your negative subconscious programming according to your goals. And your deep mind is infinitely intelligent – it knows innately what thoughts and behaviours are good for you! In a hypnosis session, we are activating your own deeper wisdom and enabling it to put into practice what is beneficial and right for you.

We use a variety of techniques to release the traumas and negative thought cycles, and allow you to activate your own positive thought cycles. We basically just help you remove the garbage that has been covering up your own true, positive nature. We gently encourage your inner wisdom to unfold and put you on the right path to healing and success.

It is truly “subconscious” mind over matter.

In a hypnotherapy session, we are able to direct your subconscious to heal and treat a variety of issues that you are dealing with. And it’s safe and gentle, with no side effects. You DO HAVE the ability to heal your body. To be successful, confident, blissful. To finally shed those extra pounds! To know that you’re Beautiful, Talented, Worthy, and Awesome!

A good hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner will gently assist you to work, compound, and anchor these positive cycles in place until they become part of your belief system and ultimately create the change that you want.

If you want to know more about hypnotherapy sessions, go here and take a look around.

If you want to get started in pointing your subconscious mind in the right direction, try a free recorded hypnosis or free guided meditation session.


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