Come with me and dive into the realms of your own deep mind! We will journey deeply within, past your conscious mind, past your subconscious mind, into your SUPERCONSCIOUS awareness! Here, you can access your soul’s wisdom and get answers to so many burning questions about your life, your existence, your purpose.

Hi, I’m Natascha Julia and I’m a certified clinical hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression specialist and Soulkey practitioner. My passion is exploring the most profound and meaningful part of our human existence, the soul.

You may ask how this type of journeying is possible? Is it real or just imagined? Using advanced hypnotherapy with specific deepening techniques, we guide your awareness into that space of soul consciousness. You are guided into a deep theta trance state (similar to those used in deep meditation or shamanic journeying). Then you can travel away from this time and space into past lives and your soul’s home, your “life between lives”. You are able to meet your soul family, talk to your guides and passed loved ones.  And yes, it is very real, you feel, see, hear and know everything that is happening as if you were there!

“Undertaking a soul journey has the power to change your world view completely, and the way you perceive yourself as a human being.”

Steps up into cosmos

A journey beyond this lifetime…

OFFERING SOUL KEY THERAPY: Past Life and Inter-Life Regression as taught Martin Peterson, student of Dr. Michael Newton

What is my purpose and mission in this lifetime? What lessons do I have to learn? Where did I come from? What happens after I die? Will I meet my loved ones again? Do I have a soulmate or a soul family? Who are my spirit guides? Have I lived other lives? Why am I living the life I live now? How can I understand my relationships better? What is my soul purpose?

With Soul Key Therapy I can guide you on a spiritual journey at the soul level that can answer all of the above questions! We can access your superconscious mind (soul mind or higher self) using advanced hypnotic techniques. You embark on an incredible journey beyond this lifetime to experience who you really are as a soul and where you came from. This special hypnotic process provides the key to unlock and access your soul consciousness.

Soul Key Therapy was developed by Martin Peterson, who learned the art of soul journeying from Dr. Michael Newton, world-renowned Psychotherapist and author. I recommend reading Newton’s revolutionary book “Journey of Souls”. Read more.

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